Cocktails To-Go

Yes, you read that right. Take your favorite drink TO-GO!

Cocktail Crowlers are now available in both Destin and Grand Boulevard , next door at Wine World retail


While we love it when you stick around… we get it. Sometimes you wish you could enjoy one of our cocktails at the beach, at home on the couch, or at that party this weekend.

But for the love of alcoholic beverages, DO NOT settle for those little cans of “margarita,” mass produced and filled with preservatives, artificial ingredients, cheap booze, and high-fructose corn syrup.

What we serve you fresh on a Friday night at The Craft Bar is what’s inside our Cocktail Crowlers. These drinks are are hand-crafted by one of our mixologists using only fresh ingredients & premium spirits, then poured into that beloved 32 oz. can and sealed tight using the Crowler machine.

We’ve teamed up with our friends next door at Wine World to keep plenty in stock in the cooler for you to grab on your way to the beach. #crowlerlife


  • How long do they last?

    Since they contain fresh squeezed citrus juice (and no preservatives) each Cocktail Crowler has a clearly marked expiration date 14 days from the day it was created.

  • How many drinks are in that monster?

    Six to eight! The can holds 32 liquid ounces. Once poured over ice, the true amount of liquid in most craft cocktails is 5 ounces, up to 6.

  • So should I just crack it open and drink up?

    These well-balanced cocktails are best enjoyed on ice. You’ll want to give your Crowler a good shake, then pour over some ice in anything from a solo cup to your finest glassware.

  • Can I get any cocktail I want?

    At this time, only the Moscow Mule, Kentucky Mule, Gold Rush, and Pepino del Benicio are for sale in a Crowler. This helps us keep a healthy stock for you while still maintaining those freshies at the bar!

  • How much do Cocktail Crowlers cost?

    $24.99 - $29.99 each

  • Where can I get one?

    Wine World in Destin and Wine World in Grand Blvd. are currently the only places to get Crowler Cocktails. This is our parent company and retail store next door to our bar CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS!

**Even though we are stoked about your option to take drinks “to-go,” we do not condone drinking & driving or driving under the influence, so be safe out there folks!

The gift you won't ask for, but you totally deserve.

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Click this image right here to order yours online now!

Click this image right here to order yours online now!

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Have no fear! Craft Bar t-shirts are here!

these swaggerific shirts come in T-cut or V-cut, in a variety of adult sizes!

these swaggerific shirts come in T-cut or V-cut, in a variety of adult sizes!

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